Week 3

This week, Dolores introduces you to a tool used in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the study of how we think, communicate and behave. It can be used by anyone for both personal and professional growth
and self development.

Week 2

In this episode of Your Mind Matters Emotional Intelligence and Assertive Coach Dolores Andrew-Gavin teaches you a) What is an Emotion? b) How to use EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique to help you Take the Charge from an emotional story.

Your Mind Matters Programme

Welcome to the Virtually SKGAA Your Mind Matters Programme. Healthy Club Officer Dolores Andrew Gavin aims through these videos to give children tools to help them navigate their emotions and help them make sense of what they are feeling at any given time.

Week 1

This week starts out with some simple breathing techniques that children (and adults) can do to help them feel calm.We are breathing all the time and its something we do whether we are aware of it or not.
Here’s some advice…

Strong and conditioned now?

Miriam Wall Triathlete wraps up this series of Core and Conditioning sessions with a focus on leg strength. A big thank you to Miriam for her work over the last 7 weeks.

Stay in good shape as we return to a little more normality, don’t forget to do these workouts!

Session 7: Strong legs

Session 6: Staying strong

Session 5: Keep moving!

Session 4: Another workout

Session 3: Making progress

Session 2: Get started!

Session 1: Ease into it!