Week 8 wrap-up

Molly Frehill has been working her younger brother Jack on some basic skills for our nursery kids. Great effort Jack, remember, when you get knocked down, keep going!

And good bye from the Tyrells!

Ella and Rosie Tyrell bring us our final football challenge and its a really good one to practice for getting around the challenge of another player in match situations. Great skills by Ella, and top defending Rosie, love the sign off girls!

Striking from the hand

Brilliant drill for all our hurling and camogie players this week. This is one for all ages, Cathal Ryan is being put though his paces by his dad Kieran. This is a really good exercise even for the nursery kids and will help them to transition to striking from the hand. For you older kids, lets see if you can reach the standards set by young Cathal

Keeping Fionn busy!

Fionn Molloy and his dad James are back with another football drill this week. Fionn is working on three different skills in the space of 60 seconds. He being kept on his toes, reacting to the call, and then keeping his focus to go to the correct gate. He did well in the windy conditions.

The block down!

U12 camogie player Molly Frehill has some tips for blocking. It’s one of the toughest skills to master. You will need help from a parent or sibling. Maybe practice without a ball first. Remember: crouch down, take note of position of hands on the hurl, keep your head behind the hurl, with eyes open. The closer to the ball, the less chance there is of getting hurt. Don’t forget your helmet!

Confused? Keep looking!

Fionn Molloy is keeping himself busy, he and his Dad James have come up with a great drill which is brilliant for working on your pick up, high catch, and concentration. It’s a lot more complicated than it looks.
I’m sure Fionn was being held up by his dad, but he eventually got there!
Have fun with this one and let us know how you get on.

Work on movement

Lots of different fitness videos doing the rounds, but we wanted to highlight the PE pages on Scoilnet which you might be familiar with. Improve your running, balancing. throwing, catching and landing skills with the help of these tutorials. They will keep you fit but are fundamental skills for helping you improve on the field as a player.

Scoilnet web site

Click here for the Scoilnet web site.
Beyond the Classroom resources can be used by teachers but also by parents in these times, to bring variety to activities in the back garden.
Scroll down the page and start searching!
You’ll be surprised how much fun kids can have just moving.

Camogie/hurling challenge

Not just one hurling skill this week, but two, and they have arrived all the way from Derry where Kate and Carol are spreading the small ball gospel.
Carol O’Connell is one of our most respected coaches at the club….

Carol and Kate in action!

But watch out Carol, young Kate looks like she is ready to take over in second video.
Super job ladies. Don’t forget to come home soon!

Football challenge

Our football skill this week comes from U13 player Tom Mulholland. Great initiative for improving the overhead catch. Good use of a tight space Tom, and loving the use of paint cans and a brush. Harry on timekeeping duty for Tom this week! Some reports that they painted the house after this drill. Great work lads

Camogie/hurling challenge

Frank Keane has been putting his son Conor through his paces at home, we’re getting tired just looking at you Conor, but keep up the great work. Frank fancies himself as a player too though, nice skills Frank, keep at it though!

Week 4 Football challenge

Our gaelic football offering comes from Keith and Liam Duggan. Great idea and very useful work out on both left and right sides. Tip at the end from Liam if you’re rebounder has been overworked in recent weeks.

Who better than Katie Taylor!

Check out Katie Taylor’s Instagram page this week. Katie is an inspiration and she knows a thing about keeping fit..

Katie Taylor has posted a workout for kids with a demonstration video. Should defo get a sweat up and Katie wants the parents to get involved too.